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Cue Club Full Version Game

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Today I am sharing the most Popular Snooker Game which is known as Cue Club. This is the World’s No.1 Snooker Game So Far which best 3D features and Gameplay. This version is full, now no more Trial Game just enjoy full features with free. International Cue Club – also known as CueClube and Cue Club (Europe), Real Pool (US) and EX Billiards (Japan) – is a sports simulation video game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2003 and for Windows in 2006. It is a realistic interpretation of pool with 25 different tables available. It also has a puzzle mode in which the player has to pot a certain number of balls within a predetermined number of shots. This puzzle mode has two different puzzle types, Puzzle Type A and Puzzle Type B. The two puzzle types are visually identical, the only difference being that in Type B there are certain balls which, when potted, will end the game.

Download Now:

File Size: 153 MB (Single File)
One Single File Downloading.
The player is not seen on screen during the game; the camera angle reveals only the cue. Whether you want to play 8-ball, 9-ball, Snooker, or just hone your skills at the table, Cue Club by Bulldog Interactive has something for everyone. Featuring 8 uniquely themed Virtual Chat Rooms, players can hook up with hundreds of opponents in a quest to win matches, improve their ranking and take on each of the 8 Bosses! With beautifully rendered balls and a highly accurate Newtonian physics engine, Cue Club simulates the game in amazing detail and allows you to perform some incredible shots.

Game Features:

  • 8-ball, 9-ball, speedball, killer and snooker games.
  • 1 player, 2 player, tournament, practice and 'slam' modes.
  • 8 individually themed Virtual Chat Rooms.
  • Fully customisable tables, baizes, ballsets, cues and rules.
  • Accurate Newtonian physics engine allows incredible shots.
  • Smart computer opponents play like humans - and chat too!

Game Cheats:

Enter any Cue Club chat room and type these fun cheats into the dialogue box. Re-enter the cheat to turn it off. Note, these will not work with the trial version.
ccc>gravity (makes like balls repel, and unlike balls attract)
ccc>marbles (gives balls a glassy appearance)
ccc>bombs (exploding balls)
ccc>sfx (wacky sound effects)
ccc>standard (gives standard access to all chat rooms)
ccc>gold (gives gold access to all chat rooms)


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Cue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC VersionCue Club Game PC Version

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    1. Password now placed under the "Download Now" Heading/Section.

  2. the link does not lead directly to the site for download, it goes to a different site. Please, i have searched various sites for the full Cue Club game but have not found any site suitable enough to have it. I had the game earlier and the setup and everything until my system crashed, i love this game so much, if thers anyway you can email me the game, i would be grateful or provide a better link to download it. by email address is thanks

    1. Download Link is working fine.
      You have to watch this little Video to know how can you download files from this Website.
      Click to Watch
      And if you are from India, so Linkbuck is blocked in India so read this "Access Linkbucks"


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