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How to resolve/fix Server's Security Certificate Error?


About Troubleshoot:

This is the common error which few of peoples received and after having this issue they got confused and just lose their concentration because of this sudden error. I must say that if they will calm during this error then they will easily solve the issue without any tense and without my this post. But I’m sharing this issue because some of the people didn’t check their PC properly and they started search for fixing is error on immediately. “The Server's security certificate is not yet valid! You attempted to reach website, but the server presented a certificate that is not yet valid. No information is available to indicate whether that certificate can be trusted. You cannot proceed because the website operator has requested heightened security for this domain.” Basically I would not called it a problem or issue because this is an mistake by our PC users. The main reason of appearing this mistake due to short-fall of electricity or something related to it that causes PC’s battery weak or expire resulting which PC cannot save any setting into his memory and it will convert automatically to Default.

So after having this PC’s Date andTime return to Default as when it manufactured due to which the error comes up. So Just reset your PC’s Date/Time correctly and it will fix issue. Follow the below steps which will help you to resolve it.

Step 1:

This is error screen, after trying to visit and also Google site but the error showing like this below image.

Step 2:

Just click on “Time and Date” of your PC from Desktop Taskbar.

Step 3:

Now Click on “Change date and time settings.” as shown in below picture.

Step 4:

This time click on “Change date and time.” button, see below image.

Step 5:

Correct your Date (Day+Month+Year) and time then Click on “OK” button.

Step 6:

Now just close your Web Browser then Start/Open it again and visit the Website.

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