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Aggressors of Dark Kombat

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game PC Version

Developer and Publisher:

The Developer and Publisher of this game is "ADK".

Game Release Date:

The game has been released on 26th July 1994.


Aggressors of Dark Kombat, sometimes abbreviated as ADK, and known in Japan as Tsuukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku or simply GanGan. GANGAN is also a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a large bell or a scolding voice. The game a 1994 one-on-one fighting arcade game developed by Alpha Denshi Corp. (ADK) and published by SNK. The English game title is a pun on the developer's initials and also parodies Mortal Kombat, spelling the word combat with K instead of C. The game's major innovation is the ability to walk into the background, in a similar manner to some 1980s arcade fighting games like Taito's Violence Fight, SNK's Street Smart and Atari's Pit-Fighter. Because of this, unlike many other 2D fighting games, the game uses one action button to jump, and does not use the "D" button, unlike many SNK fighting games. Only two action buttons are used for attacking (punch and kick); instead, grappling and grabbing opponents is the focus of the gameplay: opponents can counter being grabbed and break free as well. Also featured is weapon play (another mechanic akin to beat 'em ups). Weapons can be picked up and thrown, or used in special and standard attacks. Weapons are thrown into the ring by spectators in the background. Another (unusual) innovation of the game is that characters begin to sweat profusely after fighting for a while.

Characters have unusually high health for the genre with a health bar that has several layers of colors to indicate the health. There is also a "Crazy Meter" at the bottom of the screen. It is built up as characters attack; this gives the character a special – and often very bizarre – attack that will kill the opponent outright. It is called the "Gan Gan Attack" in Japan, and "Crazy Attack" internationally.


Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game Snapshot - 1

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game Snapshot - 2

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game Snapshot - 3

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game Snapshot - 4

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game Snapshot - 5

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game Snapshot - 6

Aggressors of Dark Kombat Game Snapshot - 7

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Download Note:

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