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How to Create/Insert Signatures in MS Outlook

MS Outlook is a wonderful software and very easy to use it without any trouble and I have captioned my previous post that how could you can connect your Gmail Account with MS Outlook 2013.
Signature is a sign which will be added to your email automatically. It can be your name or Company name or Alias as you want. Lots of people around the world are using MS Outlook services with Gmail account and each time they manually add their name, phone number or etc at the end of their every mails. So MS Outlook provides the signature feature which will let all users to put their own signature once then it'll be automatically add in each mails. Signature is valuable feature of Email. Most of companies uses their monograms in their signatures and local home users use their name or nicks and lots of people share their contact number. It does not matter that your are using MS Office 2010 or MS Office 2013 (MS Outlook) because the same Tutorial will work for both versions of Software.

MS Outlook allow you to create multiple signatures and you can use one with your "New Mail" and another with "Replies or Forwards". It means that whenever you want to send "New Mail" the different signature will be use and whenever you reply to a mail or forward a mail then the signature will be changed. But you can also be able to use one Signature for both services (New Mails and Replies/Forward). So without wasting any time I'll show you how to avail this feature.

Just follow the below instructions along with Photo captioned to take the advantage of this feature:

Step No. 1
Just Open "MS Outlook" then click on "New Email".

Step No. 2
Just click on "Signature" button.

Step No. 3
Now Click on "Signatures..." to proceed next step.

Step No. 4
Click "New" button to start creating Signature.

Step No. 5
Type the name for Signature which will be Profile name and click "OK"

Step No. 6
Now below the "Edit signature" type your Signature resize/style
 or insert hyperlinks and can also use images for Signature.

Step No. 7
As shown in Picture, I have only used Text for my signature. After
finalizing your Signature, just select your Profile name beside
"New messages" as shown in above image.

Step No. 8
If you want to use same Signature for (Replies/Forward) then select
the same Profile and if you want to change it then just create
another Signature with New Profile and then select it.
And hit "Save" button. (See the image)

Step No. 9
Click "OK" to proceed the next step. And Close "New Email" Box.

Step No. 10
Again Click on "New Email" (See the image).

Step No. 11
Now Check whether Signature is inserted correctly or not.
(See the above Picture)

Step No. 12
Now go to your "Inbox" and Right click on any Email the Hit Left
Mouse button on "Reply" text. (See picture)

Step No. 13
Then you will finally see your created Signature in your Replies as
well as Forward Emails.

All the steps are done so enjoy using this great feature with MS Outlook.
For assistance regarding the issue, please feel free to leave your query or comment under this post for quick response.


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