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Metal Slug 2 Game PC Version

Download Metal Slug 2 - Super Vehicle-001/II Game for PC Free.

Metal Slug 2 Game for Windows/PC
This is second part of Metal Slug Series Game. Metal Slug 2 added new weapons to the player's arsenal. A single shot from the Laser is capable of killing a column of infantry, and sustained fire quickly destroys vehicles. Fire Bombs found in the second level help to clear away mummies. Armor Piercing Shells give the Metal Slug cannon shells that only fire straight when engaging enemy vehicles. The game was released in year 1999. It is the mutiplayer game to enjoy.

As the levels unfold, it turns out that Morden has allied with Martians to help facilitate his plans. In the final level of the game, the tables are turned when Morden comes under attack and is betrayed by his Martian allies and taken prisoner by them. An ad-hoc alliance is formed between the Peregrine Falcon squad and General Morden's army to combat the greater alien threat. 

Note: Free Antivirus Software (like AVG/McAfee) might detect the (WinKawaks.exe) file as trojan but It is not a virus or trojan, just allow or add it to exception list. The is fully virus free and testified by many users.

To download this game, just click any of the below provided links:
File Size: 17.96 MB
Password: ""


GamePlay Video of Metal Slug 2 Game

Below pictures are screenshots of this Game:

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 1

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 2

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 3

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 4

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 5

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 6

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 7

Metal Slug 2 Game Screenshot - 8

Enjoy Playing Classic Game Free.
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Metal Slug 2 Game PC Version Reviewed by Junaid Ahmed on 4:01:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. I downloaded the game, but it is no credit? have to pay?

  2. @DanieL - Oliveira:
    Default Keys are
    Insert Coin = F3
    Start = F1
    Up = Up Arrow
    Down = Down Arrow
    Left = Left Arrow
    Right = Right Arrow
    Button 1 = A
    Button 2 = S
    Button 3 = D
    Button 4 = F
    Button 5 = X
    Button 6 = C

  3. when i instal, need a password,.,plis give me it

    1. Buddy! See above password is present before download links. Enjoy!


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