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Add Watermark Text & Image to Your Videos

Label your all videos and protect them by using Watermark text or Image logo. It's not a big deal to user a perfect watermark for your videos which you regularly upload on Video hosting sites like, Youtube, DailyMotion and many others.
Due to the large amount of copyright issue many of the peoples are worried that other users can easily theft their videos from internet. So they are looking for the way to protect their videos as well as having own rights to their creative works. Creating Watermark for Videos either in text way or Image method is very simple. Once you label your video with a Watermark then upload it on internet via Video Hosting Sites then people cannot copy or theft your video and cannot declare that the video is his creativity. Because once any video will be encoded with watermark text or image then no one can remove your encoded watermark from your videos even after downloading that video using different video downloading client. It is most strongest method for protection of any video. Every large companies protected their videos using the same way by putting watermark logo to their videos. So don't miss any chance to encode your video with watermark text or image. Just follow the below steps, each step having screenshot for easy guidance:

You have only need software which is known as "Xilisoft Video Converter", which is most professional Video converter ever in the internet. You can convert Videos easily into any format. Large amount of defined format are available and you can customize your own format with pixels.

So be patient and follow the Photo instructions mentioned below:

Open "Xilisoft Video Converter" by double click on it.

Click on "Add file(s)" icon as shown in image.

Now just browse to your video and right click to select your Video.

Click on "Open (push button)" in "Select one or more files"

Click on Star icon, which is titled as "Effects" shown in image.

Click on "Watermark" in "Effect Window" 

Click on "T" sign which is title as "Add Text Watermark".

Type your Text for Watermark and Drag/Reposition the Text as per your
choice by holding Left Mouse Click.

Now change the "Transparency" & can also change Text style/size/font. 

If you want Picture or Image watermark then just Create your image using
Photoshop or any similar software with Transparent Background then just
save your image as (.gif) or (.png) format.
Note: JPEG(.jpg) format will replace transparent background into white
so avoid using (.jpg) format image.

After creating your own Watermark Image just return to "Xilisoft" and
Click on image sign which is "Add Picture Watermark".

Browse to your image directory where you saved your Image for Watermark,
which must be (.gif) or (.png), click on it to select.

Click "Open" button as shown in image. 
Reposition or Drag your Picture Watermark where ever in the Video by
Holding Left Mouse Button.
Change the "Transparency" and can also change the Picture Size. 

Then finally click on "Apply" button and "Close" Button.

Now you can change the "Profile" which is basically the format for output.

Click on "Convert" Icon to convert your Video and wait until it completes.

After finishing Video converting just go to the destination directory for
converted videos and then double click on that converted Video to Play.

As you can see, here's mine converted Text & Image Watermark Video.

That's all you need to perform for the protection of any Video created by You.
Hope It'll help you more.
For any question and query please feel free to comment under this post.


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