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Indian Premier League 2012 Patch (DLF IPL-5) (New Links Updated)

DLF Indian Premier League 2012 (IPL-5) Patch for EA Cricket 2007 + Cricket 2012 Patch
Absolutely Free Downloading...
Patch made by A'Unit Studios

DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch
DLF Indian Premier League 2012

The is IPL 2012 Patch for EA Cricket 2007 + Cricket 2012 Patch.

Download the DLF IPL-5 Patch.
Patch File Size: 98.9 MB approx. (Split into 2 Parts = 1x 50 MB, 1x 48.4 MB)

Download Links are below:  Password is ""


Recommendations for using this patch:
1.You must have install EA Cricket 2007 PC Game.
2.You have to install Cricket 2012 Mega Patch.
(Otherwise this patch will not work)

After Downloading the both above links..
Just right click on any downloaded file and click on extract.....
Run the setup file "IPL-V.exe" and install it to your Cricket 2007 Root directory.

Then load the Roster "U-IPL5" for playing IPL-2012 as well as Cricket 2012 Mega Game Matches and enjoy it...

If you don't have EA Cricket 2007 Game installed in your Computer then first Download it.
Click here for Downloading EA Cricket 2007 Game

If you don't have Cricket 2012 Mega Patch installed in your Computer then first Download it.
Click here for Downloading Cricket 2012 Mega Patch

For more: See below video tutorial, how to install this patch....

Below Pics are Game-Play Reviews/Actions of DLF IPL 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-1
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-2
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-3
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-4
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-5
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-6
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-7
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-8
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Game Play Action-9
DLF Indian Premeir League 2012 Patch

Enjoy Playing the DLF IPL-2012 for EA Cricket 2007 PC Game & Cricket 2012 Patch.
If need any type of assistance then comments without any hesitation...
Your feedback will be appreciation for us.


Indian Premier League 2012 Patch (DLF IPL-5) (New Links Updated) Reviewed by Junaid Ahmed on 3:13:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. nice work bro. but copy to my work

    1. Thanks... Bro! But how did it copy of your work?

  2. thx but how did do 12mega patch install

    1. You need to go the link
      & instructions for installation are available in the post..

    2. Click Below Link to go Cricket 2012 Mega Patch, instructions for installation are available in the post...
      EA Cricket 2012 Mega Patch

  3. part-4 does not extract & shows wrong password...

  4. Dear Subham! This game is containing only 02-parts, where part-4 comes from???
    Check above and download both the parts, which are working fine...

  5. the cricket mega pack 2012 link is not working

  6. @ Rattan Singh: Dude! the website domain was change due to which the link noted in above reply is not working...
    Here is the link for Cricket 2012 Mega Patch
    Cricket 2012 Patch

  7. he i play dlf ipl 5 not ipl 2012 its som time stop why its happieng like than ja technologies tell me now only plzzz man

  8. @Mit Raina:
    This is DLF IPL12. If you didn't install this and installed IPL5. Then please post your comments under reference post and also mention the error that what exactly happening to you.

  9. When I load the Roster U-IPL5 and start playing IPL Trophy, after the toss the game stops.

  10. @Mridul Saksaria:
    Did you install cricket 12 Mega patch before installing this IPL12 Patch? If yes then do following procedure:
    You might mixed up something with this patch... I strongly recommend you to uninstall all patches including EA Cricket 07 Game. After that just reinstall a fresh EA Cricket07, then Install Cricket12 Mega Patch and then install this IPL12 Patch and enjoy playing the game.

  11. It's showing Asnyc load of 9dd4d6d78c76d21d1835dc8078410350.fsh failed

  12. @Mridul Saksaria:
    It shows that you didn't install Cricket 12 Mega Patch before installing this IPL12 Patch... Dude read the complete instructions, I've clearly mentioned that This IPL12 Patch is only compatible with Cricket 12 Mega Patch . So first install it and then install IPL12 Patch.

  13. ipl score board is not coming old score board is coming please help

  14. @Chirag Lalwani:
    Don't play game with Cricket07.exe file.. Shortcut of IPL5.exe will be at your desktop if not then go to your EA Cricket 07 root directory and find "IPL5.exe" file just copy and paste it on your PC's Desktop then just double click on it to start the game with new look.

  15. i am getting "Async load of 9dd4d6d78c76d21d1835dc8078410350.fsh failed" error after this game is stopped. what i do to overcome this problem

  16. @harish kumar: You might did not installed Cricket 2012 before installing this patch... See the instructions qouted above.

  17. Thanks for the game,
    I got a problem with the patch,i had some other 2011 game with patches and installed ur ipl5 patch, everything was great until the 4th wicket went down the game crashed.
    So, installed ur 2007 game +2012 patch, same thing happened and also when the game was restarted it would show Async load of....failed error,so after reading ur comment, i uninstalled everything,and then 1st installed ur 2007 game then 2012 patch then ipl5 patch to the same dorectory, but now the opening screen is a little bit different and after i went to the roster and loaded the uipl file i couldnt find ipl in english tounaments?? what is the solution for this? do i need 2011 patch or something...i already tried ur files 2 times...plz help

  18. @shashu999:
    I'm surprised, as you told that you've installed everything in sequence then why you're facing trouble...
    Try Run the game and Reset Rosters then after just Load UIPL roster and save the game...
    But first tell me that have you downloaded the correct IPL5 patch? Because I have uploaded 2 IPL5 Patches so one is compatible with Cricket12. Check the Patch setup file size if it's 98.9MB then it's the correct one. Check it and inform me here.

  19. Thanks for the reply Junaid, its working now,
    What happened is that, after testing out the above method (with 98mb version), i downloaded the 300+ mb version and tried it out,it worked but it also crashed after 30+mins i tried ur reset roster method but still couldn't see the ipl option in what i did is that i uninstall and reinstall the entire game with the above 98mb version patch and opened the game with "Play IPL-V" on desktop then "IPL-V.exe" & "Cricket 2012.exe" but still didn't work...
    but the funny thing is i opened the game with "Cricket07.exe" and it worked and played several match's and there was no crashes :)

  20. @shashu999:
    Now it's good to see that game is working with old "Cricket07.exe" file, if you desktop shortcut isn't working then just go to the EA Cricket 07 Root Folder and copy "IPL-V.exe" file and place it on your Desktop (remember that don't create shortcut just copy original file) then double click on it, it will ask you to select your EA Cricket Directory just do that and your game will be started with modified .exe file.

  21. Old Score Board is coming and when I copied the IPL 5 exe file to desktop after selecting the venue I click continue the game stops..please help...I have tried uninstalling

  22. @Rohan Yadav:
    Check following things:
    Roster was loaded. (Reset Roster to Default and reload)
    Your Graphic Driver is updated.
    DirectX updated.
    If error still persists Right click on "IPL5.exe" file which is your desktop, then click on properties, move to "Compatibility" Tab and Check Yes to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and Select "Windows Vista" Apply and OK.
    If problem will not be fixed, tell me!

  23. i install fresh cricket 07 and i install mega patch 12 and after i install ipl patch ... i open game its working i choose team and click on continue botton after game stop totally hang .... some error appear run time error 75 ( path/file access error ) please help me how can i fix this error

    1. Ok. Try to launch game with "Run as administrator" by right clicking on .exe file.

  24. Thnks..its working for me..!!
    Great game we need IPL 6 also!
    and how can we change the music coming after hitting the sixes and wickets..
    plzz..can u tell.. (h)

    1. For Boundary Music.
      There is a file name "Crowd.sfx" which contains boundary music.
      IPL 6 is available in this website.

  25. Thank You soo much..:)
    And also, I am playing the Ipl cup,
    I reached 2nd position.
    But there was no final after that, the first one won the cup!
    plz help!


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